The Sisu Team

Our team includes world class individuals with specialist skills in Oracle, SAP and Sun Java technologies.  Together with our partner company, Sisu Limited, we have developed the only automated migration platform for upgrading to SAP Netweaver PI.


Kalle Pokkinen (CEO)

Kalle has his roots in the Java and Oracle world. He has worked for and with companies like Oracle, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson and Philips. In 2003 he moved across to the SAP Integration and J2EE world where he was the lead developer for the first Nordic XI 2.0 ramp-up project. Since then he has worked with a number of large scale customers assisting them with enterprise architecture and SAP J2EE products like Internet Sales. More about Kalle >>

Mob:+64 21 0226 0256

Dr Gavin Griffith-Jones

Gavin has worked in IT for ten years, holding a variety of roles as application architect and software developer. His working career has taken him around the world where he has had the opportunity to work as a consultant with both large multinational consultancies as well as smaller local agencies. He has a background which introduced him to SAP in the late 90's. More about Gavin >>

Mob:+64 27 4544863

Glen Wallace

Glen has a background in mission critical and complex software development and design. His key strengths are in core system development. Glen has technical oversight of the BC2XI™ products and is constantly working towards a better quality solution, evaluating new technologies and SAP product features to create better solutions for the end customer. Glen has extensive experience working in the de-regulated utilities sector. More about Glen >>

Mob:+64 21 440 473